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About Asian American Alliance

Asian American alliance is an organization dedicated to informing and advising Asian Americans on their way to American Dream. We provide news and helpful information on business issues, politics, government immigration laws, social security laws, real estate, education and scholarship information. We inform Asian Americans about the community issues, health insurances and organizations that assist in resolving them.

One of the main goals of Asian American Alliance is to make advice on Asian businesses in America and their growth available to everyone. Business growth means prosperity of the Asian community in the United States and its contribution towards the country's economical growth.

On our website you can find useful information on where to get best healthcare for your family, find college scholarships for your children and learn more about Asian culture, art, religion and music!

Want to help and contribute to Asian American Community? Contact the organizations on our website and volunteer! Hospitals, schools and libraries always accept volunteers with arms wide open.


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