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AAGG: Asian Americans for Good Government
In April of 2008 a new organization had its start. The Asian American for Good Government organization is designed to help individuals interested in pursuing a career in the government sector. In the past Asian Americans have suffered from racial discrimination among other trials. One of the worse in history was cheap labor. With immigrants from Asia moving into the US they were seen as a cheaper labor option than those born in the US because they were in need of income to survive. This cheap labor meant the equality laws, labor laws, and even health care, were not properly offered for Asian Americans. There have been other Asian American Organizations in the past to help benefit these individuals. The new Asian American Organizations, such as AAGG will offer help in the political arena as well as health care and labor laws.

In June the Asian American Organizations, particularly AAGG were able to have a high success in the primary. AAGG is most particularly set up for California where it began, but they are willing to help any Asian Americans who seek funding. Many of the Asian Americans in the Asian American Organizations have already been successful in the government. In fact that is the very reason they began the AAGG. They wanted to spread their help to local business groups and to encourage more political leaders to begin helping Asian Americans.

Asian American Organizations may work differently for how funding will be offered. With the AAGG Asian American Organization one can expect to fill out a questionnaire. The paperwork will ask for the past, present, and future plans of Asian Americans filling out the form. In other words what activities will be offered to help support Asian American issues within the political arena?

Based on the information offered to the Asian American Organizations, like AAGG, support may be offered. There is an evaluation committee to view all information that the Asian Americans supply. The AAGG Asian American Organization began with coffee shop talk with many of the political leaders. They discussed the need for organization of more than 20 charter members to help the Asian Americans mission for proper representation.

The mission is to offer representation in the state and federal level for Asian Americans. There are more than 50 Asian American politicians in government offices already, but they still need to be able to use their political influence in a positive forthright manner. This is why the Asian American Organizations look at the future issues Asian Americans offer on their application for help. They want to know what issues are important and who is suited to helping them come to fruition. The Asian American Organizations will address congressional races, state senate, state assembly, and board of equalization in an attempt to see that fairness will rule. California most particularly the Bay area has a high number of Asian American residents that need consideration as do many states. Hopefully this new organization and others like it will solve issues of importance and offer fair labor, equality, and jobs.

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