AAA Guide
A Guide to Asian American Empowerment
Asian American businesses have been around for quite some time in two venues depending on where you live. Many of the Asian American businesses are going to be restaurants or laundry services. In Chinatown's you can expect a wider range of Asian American businesses. In these communities there are homes, flats, and communities to live in. However, when families stray from the community like Chinatown they discover a smaller net. In these areas there is a high need for Asian business organizations to help families strive for the American Dream. The American Dream has always been freedom and a good place to live. That has even changed a little over the years to be more business oriented and less family oriented. For the Asian cultures there has been a rapid change to society for the culture. There is not a single description that can truly show the Asian American culture as it is today.

There are some in the Asian culture that are not as studious and they are more outgoing. This only adds to the empowerment that the Asian culture is able to get. To discuss the empowerment we must look at the changes that are occurring particularly in the Asian American businesses. Instead of just having restaurants or dry cleaning services, many in the Asian business organizations are striving for a political stand. It is these Asian business organizations that will bring power to the Asian American. They are the voice for all Asian American businesses and individuals in the US.

There are many Asian business organizations that have even started in the last two years. One was started just last year. This Asian business organization is referred to as AAGG. It is a political Asian business organization in California. To bring the voice to Chinatown and other communities in the California area they are helping to get parties interested in the American Dream to realize their needs and act on them. It is not just about the Asian American businesses as a way to support families.

It is about gaining equality where it is needed most. In fact many of the Asian American businesses that are being run at the moment are paving the way for the next generation. These Asian American businesses are providing internships as well as grants or other funds for kids to reach a higher level of education. The Asian business organizations are also helping to pave the way for better education. They have offered affirmative action measures to ensure that everyone can get the education they want.

Asian business organizations in Washington D.C. have even changed to allow for internships within the political party. It is in this last eight years that more individuals have been appointed to the political party that is Asian Americans. Help the Asian business organizations and the Asian American businesses get what they need to offer a better America to their residents. By helping the Asian business organizations and the Asian American businesses there will be more opportunities in a great many arenas.

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