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50 Great Employers for Asian Americans
There are many ways to do a job search with the current forms of technology; however they don't always net a position for those looking. Asian Americans can have a difficult time getting a position with any company, even through a job search database. To make things a little easier for Asian Americans and their job search there is a list of 50 great employers for Asian Americans to check.

While we can't list all 50 of the employers for you here, there is a link at the bottom of this article to help you in your job search. The employers on the list have been chosen because they offer quality and quantity in job opportunities for professional level Asian Americans. They were also chosen because they have an interest in recruiting and promoting Asian Americans in the workforce with performance and industry standards.

The listed employers are from several industries and therefore beneficial to any job search. For example you have Aerospace, Defense, Computing, Telecommunications, automotive, healthcare, financial services and hospitality on the list of jobs available to Asian Americans. The job search site will list the companies, but they may or may not be hiring every time you look for a position. They are companies that have great records for hiring Asian Americans.

To narrow down the possibilities we will look further at the job search results you might find on the site. You have places like Bloomberg, US Secret Service, Electronic Arts, Hyatt Corporation, Verizon, and the Vanguard Group. These companies tend to hire a more thorough range of employees from all races including Asian Americans.

There are other resources you can use in your job search to find positions than the link you will find below. That is just one resource. Other resources on the internet include and going to specific companies. You may find that these job search sites offer as many positions for the Asian Americans as our link below.

There are also Asian American Organizations that can help you find a position. For example an internship in Washington D.C. was started by Secretary Chao in order to give Asian Americans more chances to find jobs in the political sector. AAGG is another group for politically ambitious individuals that will offer money to help get education as well as solve issues. Other organizations offer information, training, and language courses to those in the job search who may need a little extra help.

There are scholarship programs offering education grants to help those of Asian descent to gain the proper education at a university level. While the site below is going to be for the professionally trained individual there are other sites that may offer more menial jobs to those who have not had a professional education. Such jobs may offer lower income, but are available at a competitive wage if there is an interest. There is no longer a hold on finding positions if you are Asian American. There are many companies willing to help you if you know where to look.

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