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Asian American Socioeconomic Statistics and Demographics
Demographics are a great way to understand how many are in the Asian American population in the US. A lot of talk is spent on Hispanics and African Americans, but the truth is the largest growing population currently in the US is that of the Asian American. The demographics state that there are about 5 percent of the populations that are Asian American at the moment. However, since they are one of the fastest growing populations this number may increase a great deal in the future. To help understand the Asian American socioeconomic statistics and demographics further explanation is needed.

To better understand the demographics we are going to take a look at some of the larger cities around the US. As you might already know the Asian American tends to have pockets in the US where they have a large number of their population.

Many families seem to group together in an attempt to have the community they may have left behind a few years to decades ago. This is why there are many Chinatown areas in larger cities where many of the Asian population reside. As of 2000 11.9 million people reported themselves as Asian American. According to demographics this means about 4.2 percent of the US population considers themselves to be Chinese. There are of course more subgroups such as Filipinos counting themselves as 2.4 million in the population with about 1.9 million Asian Indians in the mix.

To better help you understand the demographics lets now look at some of the larger cities for Asian American populations. Surprisingly enough Honolulu is not the largest population of Asians. They have a small number comparatively speaking with 876,000. The Greater Los Angeles Area has 16,400,000 with New York as the largest community of Asian Americans at 22,000,000. According to the demographics another large population is in the Baltimore Washington sector and Seattle Tacoma area. Alaska has a fairly large population of Asian American residents also.

To gain more perspective on the statistics of demographics we have 1.2 million Vietnamese, 1.2 million Koreans, and 1.1 million Japanese Asian Americans in the US. The demographics are certainly showing that there are larger populations of a mix of Asian descent. It will depend on where you are talking about as to the spread of the Asian populations. For example in Alaska and Seattle a higher concentration of Filipino will be found, as opposed to New York or San Francisco that has a larger population of Chinese. The demographics show us that their population is also growing and in need of socioeconomic support.

With the proper support the populations in America can flourish more than they have in the past. This means that the Asian populations will be able to seek better education, learn the English language, and definitely be supported in the political arena with issues that need to be solved. It is essential that the demographics and socioeconomic statistics be considered to realize the native born Asian Americans.

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