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Asian Culture History and Archeology
In order to understand the Asian culture you must first look to the Asian history. There is an abundance of Asian history to be examined. You must first decide what Asian culture you would like to study before you can even begin to look at the history. While some of the history will be tied to the entire Asian continent and even some of the outlying islands, for the most part each Asian culture has their own history that sets them apart.

For example in Evolving Archaeological Perspectives on Southeast Asia from a Journal of Southeast Asia Studies you learn about the history of the Javanese fossils and stone tools found in Thailand, Sabah, and South Sulawesi to help explore the Asian culture in that part of the world. It will not talk about Asian Pacific or Asian Indian culture and history. There is much significance to the entire journal article regarding how their Asian culture shows why there are certain ways of doing things today that have not changed.

It also enlightens us on their need to stay in villages and believe in medicine healing of the Shamans over that of western medicine practices.

Another interesting tale further shows us how Asian history was influenced to what we see today. You have Ethnicity and Capital that shows the Asian history and how it has changed relations between the countries in Asia.

Asian history is filled with much information such as the progression towards the western world with the move to the US. In this Asian history one understands that the Asian culture or cultures were seeking a better land to live in. With the gold being found in the US there were many in the Asian culture who believed they should be able to get some of that wealth to bring home, especially in China. It led to disaster for most and that is another strong part of Asian history that should be studied.

One must know the roots of Asian culture in order to gain the Asian history that will help in today's world. Today many families are trying to provide the best they can offering their children something better than they had, but is it for the best? Only Asian history has that answer. The changes of becoming more materialistic are not something one should encourage, as we can see through American culture how that can ruin any culture even the Asian culture.

In Archeology one will learn about the materials, foods, and the culture that was back then.. Archeology is a study of objects and human remains being found. It is through Archeology that we know as much as we do about Asian history and Asian culture. After all with Archeology we understand the Great Wall of China, the Silk Road, and other very important relics that still exist or are being uncovered today. There are a few links below to help you determine the cultural roots of Asian history that one should study.

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