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Top Health Organizations for Asian Americans
The health community for Asian American health has been expanded in the last few years and if you log on to the web you will be able to find a wealth of information. They are numerous and often go by acronyms. There are National Asian American health organizations and federal government health organizations. The health community is large and varied. The organizations include not only doctors but nurses as well. You can find forums and wellness centers. Let us name a few for you; The Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organization (AAPCHO), the Asian American/Pacific Islanders Nurses Association (AAPINA) and Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center.

The health community that encompasses the Asian Americans and other cultures find a very high incidence of hepatitis B, HIV/AID and diabetes.

The Asian American health programs strive to help find answers and provide education. The Asian American health member community provides its own health centers. The health community has offerings of technical assistance, training and plenty of resources to help.

These programs exist to address the health community issues. They can also provide cultural and language appropriate Asian American health issues. The AAPINA or nurses association has four goals to serve the health community. The first is to figure out the health care needs of Asian Americans in the United States and elsewhere. The Asian American health issues, registration and public policies make up goal number two. The third and fourth goals combine health organizations and support for nursing concerns.

There are many different categories within the health community that these top organizations address. Alternative medicines, behavorial and mental health problems and a myriad of other Asian American health topics are just a few that are discussed.

The United States government through the Department of Health and Human Services are an intregal part of the health community. One of the departments that you can find deals with the Asian American health of women. The Asian American woman has a higher risk for cancer, tuberculosis and hepatitis B. While the general health community for Asian American women is one of the highest for life expectancy, they must still be vigilant. The Asian American health for women that don't have health insurance or cultural beliefs keep them from seeking medical attention, all add to problems. The top Health Organizations can't help if they aren't readily available to all of those in need.

The government website has many organizations to promote a health community. One in particular is a Global Health Website-Asia and Pacific (DHHS). The plethora of information found on this global site provides travel health issues and international regulations on health and reports. The Asian American health is of great importance and is something that should be given priority. You should be able to speak with your health provider about any issues or concerns you may have about your health. However, if you aren't able to find all the answers to your questions, be aware of the many top organizations that can provide information to you.

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