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Asian Americans taking a Stand on the Illegal Immigration Battle
Illegal immigration is a huge issue in the United States. For many years reform has been talked about, yet nothing seems to change when it comes to the issues of immigration. To a large degree illegal immigration talk only constitutes the Hispanic community as we tend to believe they are the largest population to influx illegally into the US. This is partly because we share their border making it large news when individuals start trying to get across the fence or to Florida in boats. Illegal immigration is all about seeking a better life for children of those who migrate. Their reasons are important, but illegal immigration is not the answer.

According to the Asian American Justice Center Hispanics don't make up as large a group for illegal immigration as the Asian Americans do. In fact regarding immigration 40 percent of immigrants in the US are Asian American.

Furthermore 1.5 million of these individuals have used illegal immigration to reach the US. Also regarding immigration 60 percent of the Asian Americans in the community are foreign born.

The Asian American Justice Center strives to work with the nation's authority to help reduce illegal immigration. They know there is a struggle regarding proper immigration, but more than that they want to fix the issues that create the issue for illegal immigration. The problem is in the process in which those needing to immigrate are forced to use any means. The paperwork is slow, and documentation is not given out to all those that apply. The Asian American community has much information and statistics regarding immigration that they are sharing to help build new immigration policies in an attempt to get the changes that are needed.

The Asian American Justice Center has also helped to reform the House and Senate on their immigration issues. Unfortunately the change will continue to be slow as more and more are on two or five sides of the debate. We have seen changes with President Bush in office sending illegal immigrants home, without their children who have been born legally in the states. It is these policies that have brought fear into the Asian American communities. However, Asian Americans do want better policies so that illegal immigration can be stopped and immigration can be open to them. By offering a better system those who need to come to the US can get the proper papers without fear of consequence.

It will also give those who have already immigrated a better chance of being treated fear based on better practices for immigration. A need to stop illegal immigration is definitely in the minds of everyone even Asian Americans. They wish to solve issues that their people face and the only way to do that is reform. It is not about allowing more families to move into the US without the proper papers. This will only compound the issue that is at hand. Hopefully for future generations more changes can be made for progress.

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